Privacy Policy for Smart Connect

This Privacy Policy applies in the context of Telia Smart Connect service offered by Telia Company as a data processor to its corporate customers (B2B).

The policy describes Telia's processing of data and the rights that a data subject, that is, an employee or a contractor of the customer (the user), may exercise over data concerning the data subject. The data subject to the privacy policy is a part of the information we process in order to supply the Telia Smart Connect product to our customers. In addition to this Privacy Policy, Telia Company’s Smart Connect service is subject to Telia’s general corporate customer privacy policy.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to other products and services Telia may offer.
This Privacy Policy does not affect your existing relationship with any Third-Party service providers you have connected to via Telia Smart Connect, or limit the applicability of their Privacy Policies applicable to your use of the service.

Data and data processing
We process two types of personal data – user data and traffic data.

User data is information about a user, e.g.their telephone number, email, user ID, password and other information we process to supply products and services to the customer. User data also includes the data retrieved from Third-Party services that you connect to Telia Smart Connect, for example, your profile picture, name, active chat messages, emails, contacts, and calendars.

Traffic data is data which is generated when certain of our products or services are used. Traffic data is processed for the purpose of transmitting an electronic message via an electronic communications network, e.g. when a telephone call is made or an email is sent. The data is also used for billing such messages or for interconnection traffic. In Telia Smart Connect, traffic data is processed if you use Telia Smart Connect to make calls in Teams using Telia voice call platform.

How do we collect data
In Telia Smart Connect, we collect and process data that:

  • the customer provides when the they enter into a contract with Telia and communicate with us.
  • is created when the user uses our services – e.g. by sending messages through Smart Connect
  • is collected from Third-Party Services

What we use data for (purposes)
In Smart Connect we process data for the following purposes:

Provision of services
We process data in order to manage and deliver on orders in accordance with agreements and to provide services. We also process data to obtain payment for services, to manage billing and payments, to correct errors and address other incidents, and to handle complaints and customer claims.

Information security and the prevention of abuse of our services
We process data in order to ensure the security of our services and communications networks, to detect and prevent use of the services that is in violation of law or the terms and conditions for the service. We also process data to prevent abuse of the network and services, and to detect and prevent fraud, virus attacks etc.
In addition, we process data for purposes necessary to manage our customer relationship with you, as specified in Telia’s corporate customer privacy policy.

We may share data with:

How long do we keep the data
We do not keep data any longer than we need it to deliver the Telia Smart Connect service to you.
Basic customer data (contact persons and your direct interaction with Telia Company is retained according to our corporate customer privacy policy [link].
The data connected to Telia Smart Connect from Third-Party services is deleted immediately after you revoke your consent to connect to the service in question. However, please note that your use of Telia Smart Connect does not affect any storage times of data in the Third- Party Services themselves.

How do we protect data
We work diligently to protect our customers' privacy. Our security work includes protection of persons, information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks, office premises and technology facilities.
Particular attention is devoted to information security to prevent, deter and detect the dissemination of data to third parties and the loss of data. Access to data is provided only to those who need it to perform their duties. Data processing is logged and checked systematically. Encryption of data is done with known and secure encryption methods. We work continuously to fight the occurrence spam and viruses in our networks.

User rights
See Telia Company’s corporate customer privacy policy

Contact information
See Telia Company’s corporate customer privacy policy