Create/invite new users

Do you need to create or invite new users to MyBusiness?  

In main menu, click Manage.

Click Users.

Click Skapa ny inbjudan.

If higher access rights than you already have are necessary, a text message with a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. Enter the code.

Enter contact details:

  • Förnamn (First name)
  • Efternamn (Last name)
  • Mobilnummer (Mobile phone number)
  • E-postadress (E-mail address)
  • Kommentar (Comments) - optional

Choose which group/s the user should have access to.

Please note that if several organization numbers are clustered in a main group, and the user needs access to the whole group, you should select the main group instead of all organization numbers individually. The main group might be found far down the list, as the list is sorted by number before letter.

Click Namn to sort the list, or scroll down.


Next, add the roles that the user should have.
The roles you choose will be used for all groups the user gets access rights for.

Click Spara och skicka inbjudan to send the invite.

Spara eller dela den här guiden

Ange din e-post så mejlar vi en länk till den här guiden.


Ange ditt mobilnummer så skickar vi en länk till den här guiden.