My work phone

All employees provided with a company phone can check their subscription status by themselves through My Work Phone. Options include viewing remaining data, type of subscription and contract length.

In order for employees to access My Work Phone, the company needs to have a MyBusiness account, and you as superuser needs to grant employees access rights för the My Work Phone service.

If you do not want your employees to have access to this service, it is possible to deactivate it under Company Settings.

Click here to register My Work Phone >>


Good to know!

We always check that the mobile phone number and the organization number are connected. If an employee quits your company, and the mobile number is transferred from company to private individual, or to another company, the connection between number and organization will expire and My Work Phone will no longer be accessible.

Before taking My Work Phone into use, the superuser needs to accept the new MyBusiness terms and conditions, at first login after the functionality has been released.



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Denna instruktionsfilm om Min Jobbmobil är till för dig som är superuser i MyBusiness.

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